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Attain Truth by the Path of Love

M.Ed Thesis Topics 2013 – 2014.

MED1314001 DAFINI PINKY F Spiritual Intelligence And Conflict Management Styles Among College Students.
MED1314002 GOWRI K Problem Solving Ability And self – Confidence Among XI Standard Students.
MED1314003 HEMA MALINI M Emotional Intelligence And Academic Achievement Among Higher Secondary Students in Chennai.
MED1314004 INDIRAGANDHI K T ஆசிhpயர் தகுதித் தேர்வுக் குறித்த ஆசிரிய பயிற்சி மாணவர்களின் மனப்பான்மை.
MED1314005 JEYA G Science Attitude in Relation to Reasoning Ability And Achievement in Science Among IX Standard Students.
MED1314006 KALAIMANI N Study Habit And Test Anxiety Among IX Standard Students.
MED1314007 KARTHEESWARI K Family Environment And Academic Motivation of XI Standard Students
MED1314008 LANCIYET BETZY L Altruism And Personality Type Among Adolescent Students.
MED1314009 LATA S KUMAR Level of Confidence And Social Competency of Hearing Impaired Adolescent Students.
MED1314010 MAHALAKSHMI K Mental Health And Achievement Motivation of Students of Fisherman Community.
MED1314011 MANJULA S Basic Computer Concepts And Programming Knowledge of Computer Science and Non-Computer Science Students.
MED1314012 MEGALA R Home Environment And Emotional Maturity Among XI Standard Students.
MED1314013 MOLJI JOSE Home Environment in Relation to Academic Achievement of IX Standard Students.
MED1314014 MYTHREYE N Mathematics Anxiety And Achievement in Mathematics of IX Standard Students.
MED1314015 NANDHINI M Self Concept And Occupational Aspiration Among IX Standard Students.
MED1314016 NITHIYA C Classroom Climate and Academic Achievement Among Higher Secondary Students.
MED1314017 NOORUNISSA O M A Adjustment And Aggression Among Adolescent Students.
MED1314018 PILOMINA S The Role of Family Environment And School on Academic Achievement of XI Standard Students.
MED1314019 PONDY SELVI S Teacher Commitment And Job Satisfaction Among School Teachers.
MED1314020 RANI ANNA THOMAS Emotional Intelligence in Relation to Academic Anxiety And Academic Achievement of IX Standard Students in Chennai District.
MED1314021 REVATHI A S Adjustment Behaviour And General Intelligence of XI Standard Students.
MED1314022 RUBY RAJATHI J Teacher Stress And Teacher Commitment Among Women of Rural Primary School.
MED1314023 SANGEETHA R Social Intelligence in Relation to Socio-Economic Status Among Arts and Science College Students.
MED1314024 SANGEETHA SUBRAMANI S Attitude Towards Computer And Achievement in Computer Science of XI Standard Students.
MED1314025 SANTHINI REKHA K B Leadership Quality And Spiritual Intelligence Among XI Standard Students.
MED1314026 SHEEBA DEVAKIRUBAI P Educational Media Awareness and Academic Achievement Among XI Standard Students in Chennai
MED1314027 SOFIA S Teaching Aptitude in Relation to Teacher Emotional Intelligence.
MED1314028 SONU M B Scientific Attitude and Achievement Motivation of XI Standard Students.
MED1314029 THAMARAI SELVI S Time Management And Academic Achievement Among Higher Secondary Students.
MED1314030 UMARANI V கல்லூரி மாணவர்களின் படிக்கும் பழக்கம் மற்றும் கற்றல் அடைவு குறித்து ஒர் ஆய்வு.
MED1314031 VALARMATHI S Personal Values And Emotional Maturity of XI Standard Students.
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