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M.Ed Thesis Topics 2015 – 2017.

MED1516001 CHITHRA. B Learning Style and Academic Achievement Among IXth Standard Students.
MED1516002 GEETHA. A Emotional Maturity in Relation to Adjustment Among IXth Standard Students.
MED1516003 JOSEPHINE SUJI. A Achievement Motivation in Relation to Academic Achievement Among Higher Secondary Students in Chennai City.
MED1516004 LINCY PUSHPA. V A Study on the Level of Educational Aspiration and Socio Economic Status in Relation to Academic Achievement of Higher Secondary Students in Tirunelveli District.
MED1516005 MARIA PALLAVI. J Value Conflict in Relation to Adjustment Behaviour Among XIth Standard Students.
MED1516006 MERLIN THERASA. M A Study on Attitude Towards Homework in Relation to Learning Style Among High School Students.
MED1516007 MOHANA PRIYA. S Environmental Ethics and Scientific Attitude Among IXth Standard Students.
MED1516008 NISHA JACQLINE. J “Teaching Aptitute, Attitude Towards Teaching Profession Among Student Teachers.”
MED1516009 NIVEDHA. R Emotional Intelligence And Self-Acceptance in Relation to Academic Achievement Among Xith Satandard Students in Chennai City.
MED1516010 PAUL MARY. S R Parental Involvement in Relation to Academic Anxiety Among High School Students.
MED1516011 PETRICIA. A “Self Concept and Anxiety, Depression and Stress Among High School Students.”
MED1516012 SASIKALA. C Occupational Aspiration in Relation to Socio Economic Status Among Xith Standard Students.
MED1516014 SUBHALAKSHMI. B A Level of Educational Aspiration Related to Test Anxiety Among IXth Standard Students.
MED1516015 UMA MAGESWARI. G Teacher Treezing in Relation to Teacher Commitment Among Secondary School Teachers.
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